Built-in scenic glass

Ancient Chinese style and beautiful scenery are exuding elegant oriental garden charm, quiet and implicit, classical and beautiful... The dynamic and elegant modern style, meticulously carved to create a changeable visual scene, beautiful scenery all kinds of staggered, deduce different styles of honorable expression. Low-key simple European style, refreshing and restrained to highlight the charm of modern technology, perfect curve to create a new European-style face, so that your home to add European-style home taste, enjoy European-style Yanyi life.
The built-in beauty strips of hollow glass can be divided into three types: European monochrome beauty strip, European bichrome beauty strip and Chinese monochrome beauty strip.
The built-in beauty strip not only has good sound insulation, noise reduction and energy saving effect of insulating glass, but also satisfies the user's pursuit of beauty and artistry of interior decoration.