Ceramic silk screen glass

Glue-coated glass is made of two or more pieces of glass, which are sandwiched with a tough and thermoplastic resin intermediate film (PVB/SGP) between the glasses under high temperature and pressure. After special high temperature pre-pressing (or vacuum pumping) and high temperature and high pressure treatment, the glass and intermediate film are bonded together as a composite glass product.

High safety
When damaged by external forces, cracks will only occur but will not break down. So as not to hurt the people and objects around.
Sound insulation is good.
Intermediate membrane polymer sandwich can effectively block the linear transmission of sound and achieve good sound insulation effect.
Sandwiched glass not only does not lose visible light into the room, but also isolates a large number of ultraviolet rays to prevent fading and aging of interior decorations and furniture.
Widely applied
Bulletproof glass and some high strength decorative glass can be made by increasing the number of PVB and glass sheets with different thicknesses.