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"One belt and one road" glass industry integration fund was established

发布日期:2019-04-11 16:20:59
This reporter Liu Xiuzhi reported that China's leading glass enterprise in Hongkong, China's China Glass Holdings Ltd (hereinafter referred to as China Glass Holdings), and Hongyi investment, one of the leading domestic private equity investors, and a professional investment platform for the Chinese enterprises to go out, are jointly launched the "one area glass industry integration". Fund. This is the first "one belt and one way" thematic fund of China's glass industry. The total size of the fund is 300 million US dollars. It will make full use of the advantages and opportunities brought by China's "one belt and one way" initiative to invest in the construction and integration of the glass industry along the "one belt along the way" and the surrounding countries.
At the same time, the first overseas merger and acquisition case of the fund was also implemented at the same time. The fund has decided to buy a controlling stake in an ongoing float glass production line in Kazakhstan. The production line is the only float glass production line in Kazakhstan, with a daily melting capacity of 600 tons. It is constructed by China Building Materials International Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and is expected to be completed and put into operation in the third quarter of 2018.
As the largest country and the most active economy in Central Asia, Kazakhstan has a strong momentum of development and huge market potential in recent years. At present, the per capita glass consumption in the country is still at a low level. There is no glass production line in the country. Flat glass mainly depends on imports from distant countries. The government and business circles in the country generally hope to establish the domestic supply capacity of float flat glass. Kazakhstan is expected to localize and localize the glass industry as soon as possible, relying on the advanced technology of China Building Materials International Engineering team in glass production line construction and the management and talent advantages of China-Bosnia Holdings in glass production and operation. On the other hand, Kazakhstan's surrounding three countries also have a large market demand for glass, and due to the existence of tariff exemption and other preferential conditions, the production line can also radiate the market of surrounding countries.
Globally, the distribution and development of glass industry is very uneven. The glass market of developing economies represented by the "one belt and one road" has great room for growth. Over the years, China-Bosnia Holdings has accumulated rich technical experience and has a good competitive advantage. Taking the "one belt and one country" target market as the target market, the advantage productivity cooperation and the expansion of the international market are the key paths to break through the bottleneck of growth, promote industrial integration and realize the sustainable development of all participating economies.
The establishment of the "one belt and one way" glass industry integration fund means that China Glass Holdings is strongly supported by the two major shareholders of Kasen technology group and Hongyi invested by China Building Materials Group, relying on state capital, unswervingly promoting the long-term development strategy of natural growth, mergers and acquisitions and "going out", leading the float glass industry "made in China" onto the world stage. It also shows that the reorganization of float glass industry has begun worldwide.
Peng Shou, general manager of China Construction materials Kasen technology group and chairman of China glass holding holding board, believes that the implementation of the "one belt and one way" initiative is an excellent opportunity for China's dominant enterprises and superior industries to go out. The establishment of an industrial integration foundation platform supported by national special funds will further promote the establishment of the interest community along the line.
Zhao Linghuan, chairman and President of Hongyi Investment, said that China-Bosnia Holdings was the first merger and acquisition reorganization project that Hongyi Investment participated in after its establishment, and was also a classic state-owned enterprise reform project. As a result, China-Bosnia Holdings became a leading glass manufacturing enterprise in China. In recent years, China Building Material Kaisheng Technology Group has become the largest shareholder of China-Bolivia Holdings, and has given greater support to enterprises from the policy level and resource level. After investing in the joint venture between China and Singapore, Hongyi Investment Co., Ltd. believes that under the opportunity of "one belt and one road", China Glass Holdings has the opportunity to become the leader in the global flat glass manufacturing industry, and has three points in the global market. At the same time, it is also the demand and path of deepening and upgrading the reform of state-owned enterprises in the new era: combining the capital, resources and brand of China Building Materials Group, and the expertise of Hongyi Investment as a market-oriented and international investment institution, to promote Chinese enterprises to realize the operation of the global market and create transnational corporations in the new era.