Fire proof glass series

Sandwich composite fireproof glass is a common and best-selling transparent sandwich composite fireproof glass in domestic and foreign markets. It consists of two or more layers of flat glass sandwiched with transparent fire retardant adhesive. The fire resistance of the adhesive depends on the performance of the fire retardant adhesive. Fire-retardant adhesives can be generally divided into two categories: inorganic materials (sodium silicate or sodium silicate), organic materials (acrylamide and flame retardants, etc.). When the fire glass is in fire, the adhesive will rapidly expand and form an adiabatic fire-resistant and heat insulation foam layer, which can absorb a lot of heat. Sandwich composite fireproof glass not only has good transmittance, fireproof and heat insulation performance, durability and light resistance, but also has certain impact strength, product performance is stable, the use of environmental temperature range is large, can be widely used in fireproof doors, windows and building interior ceiling, partition and partition wall of fireproof building partition and other parts of the fireproof material.