Low-iron glass

Ultra-white glass is a kind of ultra-transparent low-iron glass, also known as low-iron glass and high-transparent glass. It is a new high-grade variety with high quality and multi-function.
Ultra-white glass transmittance can reach more than 91.5%, with crystal clear, high-grade elegant characteristics, known as the "crystal prince" of the glass family. Ultra-white glass has all machinability of high-quality float glass, superior physical, mechanical and optical properties, and can be processed like other high-quality float glass.
Super high quality and product performance make super white glass have broad application space and bright market prospects.
Product characteristics
Low self ignition rate
Because the raw material of ultra-white glass contains less impurities such as NiS, it can be controlled more finely in the melting process of raw material, which makes the ultra-white glass have more uniform composition and less internal impurities than ordinary glass, thus greatly reducing the probability of self-explosion after tempering.
Color Consistency
The iron content in the raw material of ultra-white glass is only 1/10 or lower than that of ordinary glass. Compared with ordinary glass, ultra-white glass absorbs less green band in visible light, which ensures the consistency of glass color.
High transmittance of visible light
6 mm thick glass is more than 91% of the visible light transmittance, with crystal-like quality, so that the display is more clear, more prominent the true appearance of the exhibit.